Let the Holidays Begin

My birthday was a lot of fun.  The parade was a wonderful small town affair with lots of animals and a few vehicles.  The animals are the cutest though! 

We went to my parents' house later in the day for dinner and wonderful chocolate fondue.  I got snowshoes for my birthday!  Luckily for me we are having a very snowy week.  They are predicting 12" by tomorrow evening!!  I tried out the snowshoes yesterday and they are fantastic, so light and quick to walk on.  Here's a photo of that and what happens to a shih tzu in the snow.  Notice the armpits full of snowballs, that don't come out, I might add, until they melt all over your floor!

It was such a fabulous evening.  We played a game called Anagrams that my mom said belonged to her parents.  It's a bunch of letter tiles like Scrabble letters without point scores.  You have to make words, but you can also add at least one letter to an opponent's word, make an anagram and then you get to keep their word.  With two people it goes pretty fast.  With five of us playing it took hours and we didn't leave until 11:30.  We had so much fun that I'm looking for these vintage games on ebay!