15 handles and easy squares

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I'm finishing up the bindings on the first three community quilts, but managed to get the baskets pieced.  Then I looked at the rest of the pile of scrappy "blanks".  I ended up cutting them into 9.5" squares, easy peasy.  I chose that size because I have a square ruler in that size and it makes it really quick to cut out.  I used up some of this blue that I had originally bought for Whimsy and never used.  These won't make it to the guild meeting tonight, but they are for the community quilts program, so hopefully they'll be done by December's meeting.  I still have another quilt's worth of these 9.5" blocks too!  Don't even get me started on the full to bursting scrap bin again.  Oh my, it never ends does it!  I guess that's the fun of quilting!