First Day of Fall

Late summer dyeing

This week has been remarkable for September in Central Oregon.  It's hot enough to count as the middle of summer- up to the 90's during the day.  I've been trying to soak up what must surely be the last of summer, but also getting in some dyeing.  Up above, some of my synthetically dyed fabrics.  I've got Kona PFD, essex cotton/linen blend, linen, heavier cotton gauze, dupioni silk, habotai silk, and repurposed thrift store shirts of cotton and linen.

Indigo dyeing on the first day of Fall

Today I got in what may be my last indigo session of the year.  The weather is going to turn soon, but my weekend is very busy and I knew I wouldn't have time then.  I experimented with quick dips, multiple dips, and a little bit of shibori just using my hands.  Some were scrunched up, some were folded, some squeezed in just the right spot to make a starburst.  

Tomorrow I am heading to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival for the day and on Sunday, this boy of mine is turning 17!  It's going to be a very full weekend.  I hope you enjoy yours too!

Sunriver Festival of Cars (35)