Handmade Christmas 2009


Well, as you can see there, it's not all handmade, but a good proportion was.  Including these socks which Ryan loves.  I've been hesitant to make him socks when he goes through them almost instantaneously, but it was time.  This yarn is a mill end from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and the only problem with it was all the slubs and knots.  Usually the mill ends are not bad at all.


He's been wearing them constantly!


Chloe got a lot of little presents (delivered by train) including a couple of Doctor Who inspired necklaces given to her from her grandparents and made by an Etsy seller (The Clay Pony).



Chloe, Ryan and I also got hand knit socks made by my sister!  That was a surprise.  Chloe is wearing hers in the above picture.  The other two are below.

001 - Copy


Chloe's hand carved Santa tradition continues with this addition to the collection.  I was so excited.  I really didn't expect her to make another one!  In the above photo, the three in the front are made by Chloe over the years and the Santa on skis is made by my dad.



It was an even greater surprise to find out that she made hand carved Santas for both my sister and my mom too!  They had been talking about how much they loved mine at dinner, so it was quite funny when they opened their very own!


Chloe also made this great calendar for my dad.  She photoshopped him in with some of his favorite scientists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and added quotes.  Dad really liked it!

Even though we couldn't spend Christmas with my brother's family, we were together in spirit.  I got this ring engraved with Chloe and Ryan's names.  Chloe got a pair of beautiful handmade earrings.


My secret presents included, for my brother and his wife, the last Project Improv quilt- ta da!  


I always struggle with finding an interesting machine quilting pattern.  I like this one though, which I just did on the fly.



These two little Christmas snugglies for my nieces will hopefully be well used over the years.



It's always great fun to see all the secret projects that crafty people have been making in the months leading up to Christmas.  I hope you've enjoyed mine!  Now I have a totally free week and plan to spend it catching up on sleep, reading, and, what else- knitting, quilting and spinning!  Cheers!