SOQS 2014 :: Scraps (aka Odds and Ends)

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (10)Okay, I hope this title doesn't upset anyone.  I don't mean to say that the quilts in this post are any less worthy than the previous posts. In fact, if you know me at all through this blog, you should know how much I love scraps and scrap quilts!  These quilts either are true scrap quilts, or just didn't fit into the other categories.

This particular quilt was a real favorite and I almost missed it.  I probably actually gasped when I saw it.  The words are fantastic and all these various blocks are truly a treasure.  Sadly, I didn't get the name of the maker, but did note that they referenced Tonya Ricucci!Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (8)See the black kitty, Tonya?

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (9)

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (1)These quilts were seen in lots of different places around town. The ladies above are really great.  Remember to click to enlarge!  Below are some of the quilts in the Sisters Coffee Co.  Janet Storton is a local quilter who has a project working with ladies in Uganda to teach them to quilt. They always bring some wonderful quilts for sale here.  Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (2)Below is Janet's quilt that she worked on in my Liberated Basics class last fall.  I love it!

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (3)

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (4)This red and white quilt is so fantastic!  The variety in the blocks could keep me looking for days and I always love red and white.Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (5)Shannon is our guild president.  Isn't this a fantastic quilt!  

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (7)

I also have a particular fondness for red, white and blue quilts.  This is a great flag quilt and it inspires me to try one someday.

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (11)This scrap quilt above is really great.  Lots to learn with that one.

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (12)Quilt by Wendy Hill

Here are a few that were in the Teacher's Tent.Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (13)Quilt by Sarah Kaufman

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (15)Quilt by Colleen Blackwood

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (16)This Beatles quilt is also a favorite!  So much great stuff.  It was sold and I was there when the new owner came to get it.  Lucky gal!

Sisters Show 2014 Scraps (17)Here's my Nautical Star which I didn't find until the end of the day at the coffee shop.

Okay, if you have made it through the last week of quilt show posts here's my thank you to you!  My 9 year blog anniversary is next week.  To celebrate that and to celebrate 100 likes on my Facebook page, I am raffling off two packages that will each include a SOQS Men Behind the Quilts calendar (signed by the men!) and a stack of quilt postcards and greeting cards.  Please only leave a comment on this blog post to get your name in the raffle.  If you are so inclined, sharing my blog or facebook page with a friend would also be great!  This is open to anyone, anywhere.  Comments will close on Sunday, July 27 at 9 pm and I will choose two winners on Monday.  Good luck!  ** Comments are now closed.

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