Cold outside, warm inside

Last night was incredibly cold!  About 15 degrees F.  The kids had a great time trick-or-treating, but we only got 2 kids at our door!  We had these delicious cookies, pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread that my mom made, plus all the candy.  The kids also got quite a bit of money for UNICEF.  The money will be pooled together with our Campfire group.  It'll be fun to see next week how much them made.

Chloe is Dr. Sloth, from Neopets and Ryan is a construction guy.  Scrabble is a kitty!

Aren't these cookies beautiful!  The icing is made by mixing powdered sugar with a little bit of milk and then adding food coloring.  I've recently discovered powdered food coloring and find that it is far superior to the stuff in the grocery store or even the paste food colorings I used to use.  The icing is just painted on with brushes we reserve only for that purpose.