In the Studio in November

I'm not going to lie, this week has been absolutely awful.  I'm sad and angry in equal measure and these feelings will not be going away any time soon.  Yesterday I locked myself in the studio. Today I had to go out to drive Ryan somewhere, I stopped in a Starbucks and almost burst into tears.  So, yeah, the studio may be where I'll be staying for a while.  

The good news about that is that I got these ornaments done today as I get ready for the holiday fairs in December.  I have only about three more in the works and I'll finish them up soon.  I also got three more of the fabric journal covers finished and they are in the shop for now.  I will be taking some things out of the shop for the fairs, so if there's anything you might want for a holiday gift, you might want to hop on that.  The ornaments are being reserved for now, but any leftover after the fairs will be up in the shop in mid-December.  

The ornaments are created with 100% wool felt hand stitched to a vintage quilt backing.  I also did some hand embroidery.  They were machine stitched to a piece of quilting cotton and turned to finish.  I think they are kind of fun as a collection. It sort of looks like a portrait wall which makes me smile.  

This one was inspired by Scrabble, who is getting more and more infirm in his old age.  I'm not sure how many more Christmases he will have so I will just have to keep it.