New Pattern: Embroidered Kitty Brooch

Embroidered Kitty Brooch Pattern

Embroidered Kitty Brooch Pattern

Hello Friends!

Sorry for being so absent these last couple of months. It’s been a challenge to get much done in the studio while also keeping the house clean for multiple showings over the summer and getting Ryan to all his activities. Good news is that our house has sold and we are renters again. Bad news is that we are in the midst of packing and getting ready to move to our new house, which is exciting, but also time consuming and stressful. It will be a real push to get the new house finished in time to move in at the end of the month.

In the meantime I have been working on a bunch of stitchery samples for new patterns I will be releasing. The first of these is this new Kitty Brooch pattern. I think they are super cute and it’s hard to stop at one. Luckily, the pattern includes colorways for the four shown above which I think of as seasonal kitties: spring, summer, Halloween and Christmas. I am also always happy for folks to make up their own colorways to suit them and their pets. These brooches are completely sewn by hand and the directions for finishing are included.

2019 Kitty Brooch (3).JPG
2019 Kitty Brooch (4).JPG

I also would like to give a shout out to Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm. I first discovered her wonderful embroidery designs on Instagram and purchased one on Etsy to try. I enjoyed it so much I started doing my own designs with the split stitch method. I’ve mentioned before that I have been having issues with arthritis over the years which can be exacerbated by hand quilting and other hand stitching. As it turns out though, cross stitching and embroidery don’t cause me any problems. Since I first started stitching as a girl by doing cross stitch, crewel embroidery, and needlepoint, it feels like I’ve gone full circle with this type of stitching.

2019 Kitty Brooch (15).JPG

I have been trying for weeks get these patterns out in the world and just this week managed to get this first one up on Etsy, in both digital (PDF) form and a mailed paper version. More are in the works and will hopefully be done soon.

I had already been thinking about replacing my embroidered ornament kits with patterns only and this seems like the perfect way to go. The kits that are in the shop now will be the last ones in that format (with pre-printed panels). In the future I will re-do these cat, dog and trailer patterns in the split stitch style, with PDF and paper patterns. If you’ve been considering buying a kit, now’s the time to do it!

2019 Kitty Brooch (16).JPG

The last few photos show some new items in the shop including two brooches that didn’t make the cut for the pattern, three finished ornaments from the Cat Patches Kit, and some new folk art postcards.

Lastly, I am getting ready for a couple of holiday shows this year. I’ll be doing Christmas Goose on November 22 and 23 at St. Charles Hospital in Bend. I will also be back at the Holiday Tails Art Fair on December 7 at the Bend Athletic Club. Save the dates if you’ll be town!

2019 Kitty Brooches for Sale.JPG
2019 Cat Ornament #2 (1).JPG
2019 Cat Ornament #1 (1).JPG
2019 Cat Ornament #3 (2).JPG
2019 Folk Art Postcard Sets (2).JPG

Etsy Update

2017 November Small Paintings.JPG

Just an FYI- On Thursday afternoon I will be deactivating about half my Etsy listings for the show I'm doing on Friday and Saturday.  All of these are included in that, as well as all the ornaments and greeting cards.  Items that I am not bringing to the show will still be available in the shop.  I'll adjust the listings and reactivate unsold items on Sunday.  so, just be aware that some items may come and go over the next few days.  Have a happy, colorful weekend!

Christmas in the Shop


'Tis the season for holiday boutiques!  Now that Christmas boutiques are popping up all over the place I hope you'll also consider purchasing gifts and holiday decor from the artists on Etsy.  I have recently added the hand stamped and hand painted Christmas cards above, as well as a Christmas stocking just added today.  

2017 Christmas Stocking (1).JPG

I also have two upcoming local shows.  I hope you'll consider coming out to both of these outstanding art and craft fairs.

  • Christmas Goose fundraiser for Wendy's Wish cancer patient support at St. Charles Medical Center on November 17 (9-6) and 18 (9-4).
  • Holiday Tails Art Fair fundraiser for the Humane Society of Central Oregon at the outlet mall on December 8 (4-7 wine and cheese reception), December 9 and December 10 (10-4).

At both of these shows I'll have mainly ornaments, acrylic paintings, watercolors and gouache paintings.  I'll also have greeting cards, both printed and original painted cards. 

I'll also have a few of the stitched ornaments that I made as embroidery kit samples.  You can see the second bunch below ready to be finished.  If there are any left over after the second show I'll be putting them in the shop. 

2017 Midnight Cat (1).JPG
2017 Acrylic Ornaments (3).JPG
2017 Still Life Interior with Yellow Pitcher crop.jpg
2017 Three Pears crop.jpg
2017 Ornaments.JPG

Embroidery Kit Final Update

Hello Friends,

The 2 cat panels and kits are now up in my Etsy shop.  I've also added postcard sets printed with some of my wildlife photos.

I'm going to be taking a break from these little embroideries because I've finished stitching the second set of Christmas ornaments.  Below are the comparisons of version #1 with version #2.  

If you are one of my readers who's here for the quilts, please stay tuned.  I will be breaking out the sewing machine this week to work on some new quilt ideas I've got. 

2017 Cat #1.JPG
2017 Cat #1 (2).jpg
2017 Cat #2.JPG
2017 Cat #2 (2).JPG
2017 Cat #3.JPG
2017 Cat #3 (2).JPG
2017 Dog #1 (2).jpg
2017 Dog #2.JPG
2017 Dog #2 (2).JPG
2017 Dog #3.JPG
2017 Dog #3 (2).JPG

Cats, Dogs, and Birds, Oh My!

Finished Ornaments (12).JPG

Hello Friends,

If you have been waiting for any combination of my ornament stitching kits to arrive in the shop, you're in luck.  My Etsy shop is restocked of all 6 versions that I plan to make.  There are 6 versions of the ornaments available (actually 7, which I will explain below).  All of these have been printed with black ink as that seemed to be the preference.

  • All 6 Dogs and Cats as a KIT
  • All 6 Dogs and Cats as a PANEL ONLY
  • 3 Cats as a KIT
  • 3 Cats as a PANEL ONLY
  • 3 Dogs as a Kit
    • 3 Dogs as a PANEL ONLY

If you have already bought a kit or panel and would like to share a photo of one of the finished ornaments, please send it to me by emailing kristin@oldshoepress(dot)com.  I'd love to feature your work here!  

As you think about your holiday gifts this year consider either making the ornaments yourself or gifting a panel or kit to someone who loves to stitch.  If you choose to just get the panel you can use your own stash of embroidery thread.  The panels also come with my instruction booklet which has my color and stitch suggestions as well as instructions for finishing the ornaments.  The panels could also be used as is for patches or set into quilt blocks. I'm sure you can come up with other ideas too!  If these are popular I may reprint one more time before November.  If I decide to do them again next year I'll probably make up different designs, so if you like these I'd recommend buying soon.  Thanks!

For the Dog Lovers!

For the Dog Lovers!

For the Cat Lovers!

For the Cat Lovers!

*** The seventh version which will not be continued is the 6 Dogs and Cats as a KIT, but with brown ink.  This didn't seem to be a preference and as I've been working on them myself I have decided that it does take a bit more time to do the black or dark gray emphasis around the eyes and noses.  Hence, I do not plan to print the brown ink version if I do any subsequent printings.  There are only 2 of those kits left, so if that's something you really want better jump on it fast.  

My sister just sent me this photo tonight of one of the cats that she did on the brown ink panel.  Isn't it cute?  I really love what she did with the cat's body.  There are so many possibilities!

Cheryl's Cat.jpg