* The Seven Layers of the Candy Cane Forest

The forest is complete for now.  I can certainly imagine making more trees, but perhaps not this year!  The last few are simply sewn up, with no embroidery, but I like them just as much.  Christmas crafting continues apace here, but I have some contest details to take care of first!  Also, the trip was amazing- so peaceful, relaxing and full of good food.  I haven't been so well taken care of in a long time!  Photos from the trip to come soon. 

Right now, I want to congratulate the three winners of the contest.  I know there were only supposed to be two, but I couldn't help myself.  We ended up creating three tiers to choose from.  There were two who guessed correctly when spelling was accounted for.  Chloe Noelle and Ryan Nicholas are the right answers and nanann was the one who was picked from that group!  Congratulations, nannan!  I chose Noelle after remembering a childhood friend with that name.  I have since seen it only a few times, but It's a lovely spelling for a girl.  Also, good for those of you who noticed the oe, oe combination that appeals to me and Ryan Nicholas just seems to roll off the tongue. 

There was a second group who guessed almost correctly with Noel for Chloe's middle name.  Tammy was picked as the winner from that group.  Congratulations!  From the rest of you who came up with some really nice alternatives we chose Cathi as the winner!  Since I'll be seeing Cathi on Sunday (all the way from Ireland) I'll be able to deliver her prize in person.  I've got the main part of the prize worked out, but I've got a bit of embellishing to do. 

I have also not forgotten about the Pay if Forward players and I'm working on that as well.  Not only that, but I have the Holiday Traditions swap to create for.  Better get cracking!  I hope you all have a very crafty week.  I'll be back soon!

*  This quote is from the movie, Elf, which we just watched.  I think it's so funny, but my favorite scene is the singing in the shower one (Baby, It's Cold Outside).