Baskets full of fun

I got distracted the other day and it's all her fault!  Sujata's been posting these fabulous scrappy baskets and I just couldn't help myself when I realized I had all these scrappy blocks already put together.  All it took was cutting them to a basket shape, making a handle and putting them on a background.  Very fast and very fun.  I think it took only a couple of hours to make the first 4 blocks and that included tea time and fabric choosing time.  

I have way more of these scrap "blanks" as I call them.  Jude likes to make these in color themes and calls them color blankets.  It's a very effective way to handle your scraps and then they are all ready for the day when you just decide you can't spend another minute not making scrappy baskets!

I plan to make these into another charity quilt.  It's a great way to experiment without feeling you have to make something perfect.  Someone will love it!

The handles are done a la Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran.  I used a 1/2"bias tape maker to make the handles and top stitched down both sides.  I'm pretty sure I have a 3/4" or 1" bias tape maker somewhere and if I could find it, I would try that too.  So fun and so cute.  Now, what was I doing before I got distracted???