Lecture in the Park


Friday wasn't over after the Camp Sherman quilt show.  We still had the lecture in the park.  We went back to Mom and Dad's for a nice dinner then out for the lecture.  I also discovered that the Stitchin' Post was open until 10 pm all week.  I don't think I knew that before.  Definitely better to do that shopping while it's less crowded.   So we went to the lecture, then shopping, to round out a very long, but really fun, day! 


The lecture in the park is free if you don't mind sitting outside the main dinner area.  You still get a fine view because the quilts are carried around the gazebo.  The speaker this year was Katie Pasquini Masopust.  I knew absolutely nothing about her, but she was a really entertaining speaker and her quilts are really amazing. 


I can really appreciate the technical expertise involved.  She is also a master of color.  At our quilt guild meeting the week after the show, we talked about classes we'd taken during quilt week.  Several had taken classes with Katie and talked about how they studied color.  It seems she was a great teacher.






The log cabins are interesting because she says she likes to do one every year.  These were made for her children as they graduated from high school.



Well, I still haven't gone through the quilt show photos, but I plan to show them as soon as possible.  I hope your week is going well!