Beside Myself

I can't believe it's true!  I'm going to get to see the Yarn Harlot in Chicago.  I found out yesterday she would be there on October 1st, the day I just happen to be flying into Chicago for a 10 day vacation with my daughter.  I hoped it would be after 2 pm and found out tonight it's set for 4 pm!  I'm beside myself with joy.  It should be a totally fun afternoon to start this great trip. 

What else are we doing?  We'll be heading to American Girl Place on Sunday, some museums on Monday.  Tuesday we swing down to see our friends just outside Indianapolis for a couple days.  On Wednesday we head to the St. Louis area for the Live and Learn Unschool Conference.  It should be an amazing and exhausting week.  I was really looking forward to it before, now I can hardly believe I timed it so perfectly!!!!!