Perfect Day

Today was another perfect day in Central Oregon.  It's cool, but sunny and the fall leaves are at their peak.  We went to the Pumpkin Festival put on by our Parks and Rec Dept.  It's always fun for the kids. They have so many activities to do, but if you want to go listen to music it's free.  They also have great food including the Thai Chicken and Pumpkin Curry that I got- YUM!

The kids each got another pumpkin, so we are up to 5 here now.  I think that's enough.  Stay tuned for pumpkin carving next weekend!

Chloe did several games and Ryan agreed to do the spooky hayride.   This is a big deal because he's been too afraid to do it the past couple of years.  It's not that scary and lots of little kids do it, but he gets anxious about things when he doesn't know what to expect.  Anyway, he held his hands over his ears, but made it through.  It's a barn set up with scenes and live actors.  It's meant to be funny/spooky but not gory or anything.  Here they are on the way in.  He came out on my lap so I didn't get that photo.

After the festival we stopped at our town's most famous park-Drake Park.  It's right next to downtown and goes along the Deschutes River.  It has some really great trees full of leaves which had fallen into wonderful piles.  We couldn't resist stopping for a photo shoot.