Gwen Marston :: Abstract Quilts in Solids

Let's go back in time again to April.  This was just before my move and everything was really hectic, but I sure wasn't going to miss taking a couple of workshops with Gwen Marston (her last in Sisters)!  The first was Abstract Quilts in Solids.  This is the second time I've taken this workshop.  Gwen's class samples were amazing as always.  She spoke about color, value, intentional and accidental surprises, and how she sometimes uses a small study format to prepare for doing something larger.  

Gwen's classes are always fun.  Here's Gwen and Tonye Phillips having a laugh.

I took photos of lots of other class work, but I've decided to not post the pieces by other students without permission.  Above is my own collection of small studies that you might find familiar.  All of these were later hand quilted for my gallery show at Navigator News.  I knew the show was coming up and thought I'd better take that time to make some small pieces for it.  Check it out if you are in Sisters this week!

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