2013 Fiber Arts Stroll

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (8)

What a marvelous time we had!  Chloe came to help me with sales and that was a huge help.  I hung 5 of my completed quilts and some of the mini's I have for sale.  I think they were a big hit.

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (7)

Chloe brought some of her own hand crafted items for sale so our table was a bit crowded.  Here she is just finishing up a sweet little narwhal stuffie.

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (13)

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (12)

Chloe's end of the table was filled with whimsical animals and fake food.  She loves to create in 3D and really has a talent for it.  My friend Jan stopped by just when I was taking photos.

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (14)

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (2)

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (5)

This is the piece I worked on when time allowed.  I started it last year, but thought it was time to do some more work on it.  I used some of my handspun to show how I use it for couching.  Of the items I sold, cards with animals seemed to be a favorite, as well as the inspiration packs and the handspun skeins.  

I won't have time to list new items for a few weeks probably, but I have the shop up and running again.  I've also replenished some of the Inspiration Pack colorways that were unavailable for a while.  For locals and those visiting Sisters, I plan to have my sales items with me while I'm in Sisters for the week.  If you want to look at what I have just leave a comment or email me (or just flag me down!).  Thanks!

2013 Fiber Arts Stroll (1)