By the Time You Read This

I'll be in the wilds of Maine enjoying the Slow Stitching Retreat at Medomak Retreat Center in Washington, Maine.  I just happened to read about this on Chawne Kimber's Instagram one day.  It sounded interesting so I clicked through to find out when the retreat was.  Lo and behold, it started the day we were already due to arrive in Boston for our family vacation.  I managed to make a deal with my hubby, he would do a couple days of golf and Ryan would visit the cousins while I was at the retreat and we'd meet up later on Cape Cod.  

I can hardly believe it's almost time to go!  Last week I had the idea to pack ahead my supplies to ship so I spent a day or so mulling things over and got the package in the mail just in time.  For Chawne's class I brought a selection of solid scraps to play with.  For Carolyn's class I brought the green and neutral you see below.  I packed some other necessities too.  

I'll be posting periodically to Instagram throughout my trip, so you can follow me there if you are so inclined.  By the time you read this chances are I already have!  A full report on the retreat will come in late August.