Give me an "O"...

Obama Quilt (6)

Give me a "B".  You may have seen some of the Obama quilts that were inspired  by his first election and inauguration.  A little internet search leads to lots of images and some good websites about political quilts in general.  There's even a book about some of them!  I was also surprised to find this blog post by Lazy Gal Tonya that I had forgotten about.  The DVD series, Why Quilts Matter, has an episode on the history of political quilts.  That whole series is wonderful, by the way.  I convinced our guild to buy it for our guild library. 

I decided to jump on the band wagon, even though a political quilt may seem out of character for me.  I started my Obama way back in 2008, intending to have it done for the first inauguration, but something made me put it on hold and I just recently got it out again to finish.  

Obama Quilt (8)

Perhaps I put it off thinking that he might have a second term and I wanted to be sure it would all go into one quilt.  I remember thinking originally that I would have more words in the border:  Yes We Can and Change and so on.  Those words didn't seem quite right this time around.  A few weeks ago I had been making the stars to go around the border when I decided I needed some dates.  

Obama Quilt (9)

Obama Quilt (10)

The central panel is a marvelous print alternating an excerpt of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech with an excerpt of the Declaration of Independence.   

Obama Quilt (12)

This quilt combines some machine quilting and some hand quilting.  I plan to have it done by Monday.  I will post a photo then!