Christmas Doings

We had a Christmas craft day at the library for our unschool group.  One of the moms brought supplies to make felt-covered soap.  Chloe made one that was beautiful.  She sent it to her best friend for Christmas.  Here they are getting the fleece wrapped around the soap.  Then they wet it with hot water and applied lots of friction to make the fleece felt.  You do have to be careful not to get it too wet because the soap lathers and you want to have something left when you are done!

I brought supplies for felt ornaments.  Several kids made these, but I was most impressed with our friend AJ who so diligently worked on his. 

A week and a half ago we went out to get our Christmas tree.  Here in Oregon we can get a $5 permit from the Forest Service to cut a tree up to 12 feet tall in the National Forest.  This is always a fun adventure for us.  This year we found one after tromping through quite a bit of snow for about 45 minutes.  It's just about 12 feet tall.

Chloe's been really fascinated with the Food Network over the past year.  She's expanded her diet and is actually starting to make some more inventive foods.  Last week she had a baking frenzy.  First she made some lovely cream cheese cutout cookies.

Then she made some cheese and olive toasts with pesto.

She also made these lovely meringues with a bit of green food coloring and some peppermint flavor- YUM!

Lastly, Chloe participated in our town's Christmas parade a week ago.  She was on a float with her Campfire friends.  Ryan chose to go snowboarding with Mark that day.  The day was sunny, but cooled down quite a bit part way into the parade.  There were tons of people out to watch it, so it's a lot of fun to participate.