Scraps, Etc.

2014 MBQG Community Quilt (1)

As I said previously, I have been clearing out the cupboards of half finished projects.  Many of them were piles of variously sized scrappy blocks.  The above quilt had the triangles made and I just needed to assemble the blocks.  2014 MBQG Community Quilt (2)This one just needed scraps assembled and cut to 9.5 inch blocks.  Then I added sashing to finish it.  The one below had the triangles done and I had to go looking for something to set it into.  Blue worked out the best and I cleared out more old fabrics from the stash.  The two large spider webs were made of scraps and the middles were very bulky, so I cut them out and added the circles to cover the hole.2014 MBQG Community Quilt (3)I've been working on more, but this is Quilt Week in Central Oregon, so I may be blogging sporadically.  I will be back at some point with my reports of all the action here!