Recent Happenings

Modern Improv class- Janice H.

Last Friday I taught my first Modern Improv class.  It was a lot of fun.  I was so busy I forgot to take photos!  Thankfully, Janice, as you can see, managed to finish her top during class and I got this one photo.  Janice was also in my Liberated Basics class last fall and has taken to these techniques quite easily.  Isn't her piece marvelous?  In fact, I heard on Tuesday that she has already quilted it!  

I have two more classes coming up this spring:  Liberated Baskets (April 18) and Modern Improv (May 10).  I'd love to see you there!

MBQG Community Quilt 2014I am still making myself crazy with community quilts.  The one above was made with my fabric and large enough to be a lap quilt for an adult.  This will be donated to the Community Quilts program in the Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild.

The one below was made with my friend, Erin.  It's her birthday today!  Happy Birthday girlfriend!  This one is definitely kid size and made with some groovy fabrics that were donated to the Sisters guild.  This one will go to the Kids Quilts program in Sisters.

EOTC Community Quilt 2014