SOQS:: Inspirational Quilter and more fabulous quilts


During the first half hour before my volunteer shift I made a quick dash to see as many quilts as possible.  One of my first stops was the Inspirational Instructor special exhibit.  Joanne Myers is a member of my guild and famous around these parts for knowing about all things quilt related.  She's a well loved teacher and an incredible applique artist.  The quilt below was documented in the Oregon Quilt Project the day I was volunteering there.  It's a visually stunning quilt and the fine workmanship is amazing.  When I expressed an interest in the block pattern she reached into the binder of quilt information she had with it and gave me the hand drawn pattern she'd used to make the red circular part!  I was amazed and surprised.  I traced it and gave it back a few weeks later.  I hope to try this block some day, though I might mix it up with something unusual like appliqued bugs.  

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I really love this one above that has a Gwen Marston feel.  The four different borders really add an extra dimension.  And look at all those tiny little needle turned berries!



Moving along to other quilts in the show, the next one is my Gee's Bend Treasure, in good company.

027 028 

The quilt below is another Fractured Art Quilt.  There are 9 sections, each done by a different quilter.


Wonderful birds!


Below are some of the entries in the Stars Over Sisters Theme Challenge.  In case you are wondering about the interpretation of the theme, in the one on the left, the mountains are the Sisters Mountains which dominate the skyline over the little town of Sisters.  On the right, the stars are over the sisters which are on the back of the quilt.  I only found that out when I stayed for the award ceremony late in the day.  


I had an idea for this challenge, but never got around to it.  Someone else had the same idea when they made the quilt, below right, which has the stars over the mountains and the town of Sisters and the feel of the Van Gogh painting, Starry Night.  My photo does not do it justice here.


The first place winner, below, is beautifully done and embellished.  I am hoping to enter the theme challenge next year.  I hope it's a good one!


This pretty yellow quilt was made by my friend, Jan.  Jan was in several of the Collaborative Chicks classes with me and also in the Gwen and Freddy retreat.  She's lots of fun and likes a lot of the same style of quilts that I like.  This one is so pretty in person, again, the photo isn't the best.  


Lastly, you've gotta love these funny four eyed pups!  Next time I'll show the amazing quilts I was in charge of during my hostess stint!