The Last of the Funglies

Crazy Shoofly (1)Recently, I finished this little fungly, another of the old works in progress that had been in the drawer for years.  Fun + Ugly = Fungly.  This quilt series was started in 2008 when Tonya Ricucci and Bonnie Hunter put out a challenge to their blog readers to use their weird and "ugly" fabrics in a scrap quilt.  We could use any liberated block and combine these fabrics in whatever way we wanted.  The fabrics I used aren't necessarily ugly, but the combinations would probably be considered by some to be quite ugly.  If you love scrap quilts and the pleasure of a little impromptu "I Spy", you'll love these quilts.Crazy Shoofly (2)This last one got stalled because I decided to hand quilt it and since it didn't have a deadline it got stored away at some point.  When I got it out again I actually had a lot of fun finishing the hand quilting.  I wish I knew which batting I had used because it's really hand quilting friendly.  Also, I did a wider binding than I usually do and I like how it came out.  I think I cut my strips for the folded binding to 4".  Crazy Shoofly (3)Shoofly is one of my favorite blocks so I used that on this one, but the first one I did was the quilt below with the Jacks on Six block that Tonya used.  That's a really fun block if you do it liberated and don't worry about your points!Fungly Final Photos (1)

I also did the small fungly below as a gift for Tonya.  I even hand quilted it!  It's been a while since I looked at it.  I do remember that I used a wool batting which was nice for quilting, but made it puffier than I generally like.  Since I am making effort in getting rid of my old fabric, I don't plan to do another fungly any time soon, but I'm glad I did these.  Since the newest one is hand quilted, I decided to keep it for myself. It would be a great baby quilt because it's so soft and cuddly.  The Jacks on Six quilt is now in my Etsy shop. I have set some quilts aside to sell because some days I feel like my house is overflowing with them.  This quilt would be perfect for someone with a quirky sense of humor.Shoo Fly Fungly for Tonya Ricucci (1)