Chloe's Traveling Shop

Tomorrow we live for our big road trip.  We are starting off at the HSC Homeschooling Conference in Sacramento on Thursday, then visiting friends and family in the Bay area and in So Cal. We'll also be in San Diego for a few days.  Then it's on to Albuquerque for the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference.  After that we are passing through Santa Fe, Taos, Salt Lake City, Boise and on to home.  It's going to be about 5 weeks long and we are very excited!

Chloe has been spending months making items to sell at the conferences. She's been making greeting cards, bookmarks, poem books, key chains and threaded bowls (I've made some too).  Not to mention the Artist Trading Cards for the L & L conference too! 

It's been wonderful to see all of Chloe's ideas come to fruition.  She spends hours at a time working on these projects.  I'm glad she has the time to devote to something she loves so much.  Probably the biggest benefit of unschooling is time to devote to your passions.  Yay for unschooling!