Quilt Week- Post #4

Some selected quilts from the show, more to come later.  These appealed to me for various reasons, but I'm usually drawn to color first, then design and workmanship.  Enjoy!

There were too many people in front of this one to get a full size view, but I just love the color and use of those large motif fabrics.

This one appealed because of the use of the circle fabric in the centers.  Click to see them better.

I always love a good courthouse steps and this one has beautiful colors as well as that zingy striped border.

I love one patches and thought this one was very sweet.  I have this template in a book, but don't know that I would ever do it myself.

The next four quilts are from featured quilter, Betsy Rickles.  She uses color in ways that I find really exciting.  These crazy log cabins are wonderful!

I love the colors in this one even more.  Notice the variations in the centers of the blocks on this one.  This is a great example of the kind of free piecing that Gwen Marston does.  This one is also unusual in that it's finished as a summer quilt.  That is, there is no batting or backing and it's not quilted.  The edges are turned to the back and hand sewn down.

This one is so happy it makes me smile every time I look at it.  I love the colors and all the different blocks.  So much to look at, you could stare at it all day.

This large applique really caught my eye.  I wish I could see a full view.

This last one is not Betsy's.  It was in front of the Stitchin' Post and I really loved the variations all over the surface.  There's a lot to look at here too.