Gwen Marston Report #2: Abstract Quilts in Solids


The thing about sewing is that a little here and a little there and sooner or later you have a quilt!


This one isn't done, but I sure did get a nice start and had so much fun again.  Can't say enough good stuff about Gwen's class. 


This photo was taken by Jessica (of jmbmommy) who was in the class too.  It was such fun to meet another liberated quilting blogger!  Below is the piece that Jessica was working on. 


I absolutely love working with solids now.  I think it's due to the liberated style.  I first became interested in quilts because of Amish quilts, but have only made one little wallhanging in an Amish style.  I do love how the absence of pattern in the fabric can lead to such clear pattern in the piecing.  I'm really happy with my piece.  I've included some others from the class.  They were all so unique and wonderful.  Enjoy!