Jean Wells: Local Quilter Makes Good

Jean Wells home and studio (14)

I just had to share this!  Jean Wells, the owner of the Stitchin' Post, originator of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and all around fabulous art quilter and teacher, was featured in last night's edition of Oregon Art Beat.  I hope you'll watch this video to learn a bit more about Jean and the wonderful shop where I'm taking my workshop this week.  

I'm especially excited because I actually got to have dinner at Jean's house last night along with the rest of my classmates.  It was just wonderful!  Her house is a true artist's house, with art by Jean and other local artists adorning every wall and surface.  Even the bathroom had fabulous original art.  It was such a treat to see Jean's home and studio and the fabulous view from her patio, above.  The mountains were in fine form last evening, showing their new snow in the crisp autumn breeze.  Enjoy!