Little Orange House


The night before a trip is always busy with me doing my last minute packing.  I can never seem to get it done in a reasonable time, let alone early.  So anyway, the night before a trip everyone else will be getting their beauty sleep and I'll be figuring out what projects to bring.  This time my current projects were a sweater I was knitting and a quilt that I was hand quilting (both too big and bulky to bring) and a pair of socks (too boring at this point) so I thought I'd just make up a little applique kit to bring. 

I pulled out this great piece of green and just started cutting shapes to sew on.  I did know that I wouldn't be able to bring scissors, so I remembered to clip corners on most of the pieces that required it.  There were a couple of spots I missed and I ended up resorting to using fingernail clippers.  Anyway, for something that I threw together in about an hour or so, I think it came out pretty cute.  The best thing was that this little kit took up next to no room in my carry on.  Very, very portable is really great.


One of the days on Oahu was totally rained out, but we were staying in this very cool "cottage" style room that had a great porch for sewing.  I was able to sit here with my sewing and my iPod and have a lovely, relaxing afternoon.  I completed the applique on the plane ride home.  I do plan to put on some sort of pieced border and have more flowers that will spill onto the border. 


I left several flowers like this, just hanging over the edge to finish later.


The little blue dog is my attempt at appliqueing Scrabble.  I've been wanting to do him forever.  I will add the ear later which should help a bit.  His shape is hard to do though, with that tiny little nose and short legs.


And the view.