Old Town San Diego

We drove along the coast looking for a good breakfast spot and hit the jackpot when we got to Pannikin Coffee and Tea in Leucadia.  Not only do they have great food, but they sell bulk coffee and tea and it's all in a wonderful old house.  It looked very familiar so I'm pretty sure I had been there before when we lived there.

We went into Balboa Park to visit the San Diego Model Railroad Museum.  This was another treat for Ryan.  It seems we've got a bit of a train tour going here!  The front part of the museum is filled with layouts that are rather dated and not all that interesting to me (Ryan thought they were wonderful), but in the back there is an amazing layout complete with all the finishing touches.  There was a working car wash, diner and oil refinery.  There was even a lake with campers and little log cabins. 

After that we walked down the road a bit to the Fleet Science Center.  Since we have a reciprocal membership we could enter for free and spend the hour that we had before lunch.  The first thing that caught my eye was the tornado machine.  Ryan has been very interested in tornadoes lately, so this was really cool to see.

Mark and I lived in San Diego for about a year and a half, way back in 1990.  It was fun to visit our old haunts, including the restaurant in Old Town that used to be called Casa de Pico.  It is now called Casa de Reyes, but the Bazaar del Mundo (now called Plaza del Pasado) is just as beautiful as before.  We had a nice lunch, then walked around the shops.