Welcome to the Neighborhood!


The new SOQS Men Behind the Quilts Calendar is out!  My quilt group, The Undercover Quilters Book Club, collaborated on one of the quilts in the calendar.  In fact, our quilt is in the centerfold!

DSCN9997Mr. March is Chris M., one of the daring men of Sisters who graciously agreed to pose with a quilt all in good fun and for a good cause.  Our quilt, called Welcome to the Neighborhood!, will be auctioned off this Wednesday along with the other calendar quilts at the Men Behind the Quilts Calendar Premier Party.  This promises to be a fun party and sadly, the tickets are sold out, but you can buy a calendar at many outlets in Sisters and Bend as well as online at the link above.  


I was really pleased to be invited to head up the project, but all of the Undercovers made a house block and some also made the extra blocks including the word blocks which may have caused some consternation!  However, it all came together beautifully.  What I love about the auction is that it's a fundraiser for the quilt show, but also for various other non-profits in town.  The funds raised from our quilt will be split with the SOQS and the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Isn't that wonderful! 

The Undercover Quilters Sew Day Group Portrait

back row: Cindy, Erin, Martha, Lani, Sandie, Janelle, Betty
front row: Wanda, Susan, Jane, Sally, me