It's still just October, isn't it?





It's 34 degrees at 7:30 am and it's snowing!  This is way, way early for our area.  We usually get our first snow in November.  I woke up early and spent a while on the computer before opening the blind.  Imagine my surprise.  I mean, seriously, snow on a rosebud in October???

Edited to add more photos.  Also, I know snow isn't unheard of around here this early, but such a lot of snow is pretty unusual.  This amount of snow has broken a record for early October.  Yesterday the town shut down, including the Fall Festival, at which Chloe was supposed to be working.  There wre downed tree limbs all over the place and many power outages.  The snow and ice are still here at home this morning even though the temp is supposed to get up to the high 40's.


The aspens and other small trees were really drooping until we went out and shook the snow off.


Around town, the clean up crews are out in force picking up tree limbs.  Several parks have closed because of dangerous tree conditions.

Meanwhile, the pansies and mum came through with flying colors.  The tomatoes are living inside for the foreseeable future and we hope they'll continue to ripen at least a bit further.