Stitching time


Once again it's been hard to find the time to stitch.  My major obligations with other quilts are done, but other things have claimed my time.  It promises to be a busy fall what with a visit by Mark's parents, 3 different trips to visit colleges for overnight visits, and the possibility of moving.  No, we aren't leaving Bend, but we are thinking about a different part of town.  All that entails has kept me busy the last couple of weeks.  So here's where I am with the slow cloths I've started.  Above is Sunrise over Haleakala part of my "Places I have Loved" series.  Below is a block about Squam Lake, NH.  


I've also been just hand stitching pieces together to see what happens.  These will be incorporated into other blocks and cloths.  The second one down on the left is woven.  The others are pieced.


Lastly is the block I'm calling Jude, in honor of Jude at Spirit Cloth.  She has a heart of silk and a very calm and gentle way about her.  


In a couple of weeks Jude's next class will start. I'm beside myself with anticipation.  Oh, and I almost forgot, Janet Bolton is coming to Sisters to teach at the Stitchin' Post next week.  I'm signed up for her 1 day class.  So, that's what I've got going.  I will try to update as often as possible and show some more process.   Must remember that!