Liberated Baskets

Liberated Baskets April 2014  (1) Kristin

I had so much fun teaching liberated baskets last Friday!  I had only two students, so they got extra attention and I got time to sew too.  I picked a very limited palette (for me) and used the black and white feature on my camera to check the value.

Liberated Baskets April 2014  (4) Kristin

I got a chance to try some basket shapes that I've never made before.  Isn't this print a hoot?  It's an old one that I had a 1/2 yard of.  It's perfect for this.

Liberated Baskets April 2014  (2) Kristin

This one was fun to do.  My students requested a lesson on spiky triangles, so I used my demo pieces to make this basket.  I also thought I'd add some stems for flowers and showed them that you can get the block together and do the handles later if you want to hand applique.

Liberated Baskets April 2014  (3) Susan

These are the two fabulous pieces that Susan (above) and Sandie (below) are working on.  Susan brought some great Hawaiian prints she picked up on Maui.  Love it!  Sandie came with a huge stack of blocks she made during a class with Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran.  I helped her get them organized and then she started making baskets to fill it in.  Wonderful!  

Liberated Baskets April 2014  (5) SandieMy next class is Modern Improv on May 10th at QuiltWorks. I'd love to have you join me!