Ah, bliss...

Our trip was so relaxing and so peaceful.  It was definitely good to have a little adult time.  The food was some of the best we've had.  Did you know there are tastings of all sorts to be had in Sonoma?  You can taste wine of course, but also cheese, olive oil and chocolate.  My goodness, it would be dangerous to live there! 

We visited a couple of wineries for tours and tastings.  This one was just beautiful and had a tremendous amount of bird life.  We also had wine tastings in the hotel lobby each night.  We even bought a case which should be delivered tomorrow.

We went to the Plaza on Friday night for the tree lighting and saw Santa riding in a vintage fire truck.

The flowers and hummingbirds in December reminded me just why we loved living in Northern California.

On Saturday morning there was the Blessing of the Olives in the Mission which we managed to see the end of.  They handed out these olive branches to everyone as they left the ceremony.

It was a most delicious trip.  This little souvenir is but a memory now.  Hopefully the wine should last a little longer!