A Very Special Quilt

If you've been following me on Instagram none of this will be new, but I thought it should be documented here too.  This is a graduation quilt for Chloe.  She may or may not read this, but either way I haven't given up much here. She did choose the fabrics (mostly from Carolyn Friedlander's line DOE).  The full reveal will be after graduation which takes place one week from today.  

Chloe has had an amazing end to her college career.  Last week she was given an award for outstanding student research and she also got her dream job in a lab at Oregon Health & Science University.  She wants to work there for 2 years and think about graduate school after that time.  Last weekend I took her to Portland on an apartment hunt and she found a place that she likes with a great location.  She'll be close to shops and restaurants, and can get nearly anywhere she wants by public transportation.  It's such a bittersweet time knowing she's got herself set up for success, just where she wants to be, but also knowing we'll see her only sporadically.  I guess we've gotten used to it over the past 4 years, but now we know it's the way it's going to be for the long term.  

Posting will continue to be slim here as we head over to the valley for graduation and moving her in to the apartment.  I think this is also the end of the quilts that must be kept secret.  I have one more challenge quilt to do, but it's not a secret one and I have so many other ideas swirling in my head.  Never enough time for all I want to do.  I hope you're having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!  More here in a couple weeks.