Quilts for WA

Quilts for WA (1)When I heard about the call for quilts for the victims and first responders of the Oso, Washington landslide, I knew I could come up with something to send.  I also asked if any other locals wanted to join me.  Luckily, my good friend Sarah was able to help out.  This gorgeous modern spiderweb is hers and, oh my, you don't know how tempted I am to keep it!  Isn't it fabulous?  Sarah is an amazing knitter, but she has taken up quilting in a big way this year and made enormous strides.  She's a member of the Central Oregon Modern Quilt Guild too.

Quilts for WA (2)

I did get it in the box though, so no need to worry about a quilter gone to the dark side.  The other two are mine.  

15 Handles donated to WA Landslide victims (3)

This basket quilt was made from scraps several years ago, quilted professionally last year and finally bound to send off today.  

WA Landslide baby quilt (1)

This twister baby quilt was destined for Washington from the start.  The blue border fabric and the backing were given to me by a neighbor who knows I quilt and asked if I could use it.  That was two days before the landslide.  I knew immediately it needed to be in a baby quilt for this project.  The rest of the fabric was in my stash and it was quickly put together.  This neighbor moved here from WA so it seemed especially appropriate.

WA Landslide baby quilt (2)

The quilts are all boxed up and will be dropped off at the PO today.  

Quilts for WA (3)