Better Late than Never

Chloe's graduation quilt (2)

Chloe finally got her high school graduation quilt just before she left to go back to college.  This is a liberated quilt, but with some structure. She picked out all the fabrics and found a quilt online to inspire me.  She liked the perfectly square squares, no wonkiness here!  I did check that she was okay with little inserts to add some interest.  I really like how it came out. 

Chloe's graduation quilt (4)

I was running out of fabric and ended up piecing the back.  I had this one quilted by a local long arm quilter, Kim McCray, so I had to add a lot of muslin to the edges of the backing to make it big enough for the machine.  She quilted it with a circular spiral pattern, a very nice counterbalance to the squares.

Chloe's graduation quilt (6)

I think she likes it!

Chloe's graduation quilt (7)

Chloe's graduation quilt (8)

Chloe's graduation quilt (9)
This quilt matches her dorm room bedding (come to think of it, her at home bedding too).  She took it back to school to keep her warm on winter days.  Whew!  Another must do quilt is done!  I have one more baby quilt and then will get back to some other projects.  How's your New Year going so far?