Welcome to Stitching Hands!  I hope you like the new format here.  I've added the navigation bar at the top which I hope you'll have a chance to check out.  The shop is bare for now, but I will post here when I add something to it.   In the meantime, I wanted to highlight these pieces from my online class with Jude Hill, called Patchwork Beasts.  These classes have been so much fun.  The inspiration from other class members and from Jude has really been amazing.  I think you'll be seeing more slow cloth here. 


My year of applique continues and there will be more of that in the coming weeks.  I"ve got lots to show you!  I also hope to have more process posts.  I've been guilty in the past of showing things only when they are done, but I have found that process posts are most interesting to me when I read other blogs, so will incorporate that here too.  


This butterfly is called Jude in honor of all that she has done to inspire me this year.  I've added more to her since this photo was taken.  This Saturday is our guild quilt show which I'm heavily involved in this year.  Another busy week!