A Handmade Christmas- Part 1

Secret Christmas knitting continues here, but I thought I'd show you some of my favorite handmade ornaments in the meantime.  While our tree is not exclusively decorated in handmade ornaments, the ones made by hand by loved ones as well as skilled artisans are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Cross stitched Santa on perforated paper, made by me.  I've made a bunch of these and hope to show you more.  The felt mitten was made by my mom.

This hand blown glass ornament was made by the artisans at Holy City Art Glass in Los Gatos, CA.  We lived in Los Gatos for many years and a holiday trip to watch the glass blowers was a highlight.  You can read about Holy City's fascinating history here.


I made this candlewick ornament when I was in college, many moons ago.

My mom made each of the kids one of these knitted gingerbread ornaments when they were little. 

My mom has made many crocheted angels over the years, but these colorful ones are my favorites.  There are also smaller ones.  Maybe I'll get a photo of one of them too.