A Little Moebius Magic

I just finished up a couple of languishing projects.  The moebius scarf on the left just needed it's ends woven in.  Now that I really need something on the back of my neck, I have some motivation to get to things like that.  The one on the right is actually a re-knit.  I had knit it all up doing knit stitches on every row.  This creates a moebius that is knit on one half and purl on the other.  Unfortunately, it curled up in a rather unattractive manner.  So I pulled it out last week and re-knit it in a knit 3 rounds, purl 3 rounds fashion which I like much better.  The one on the left is knit with two yarns, alternating a skein of handspun (Tanglewood Fiber Creations) that I loved, but didn't have enough to make a whole scarf with, and a skein of Dream in Color

On the right it's a 100% silk yarn made by Artfibers in San Francisco.  It's called Golden Chai and is so soft and dreamy.  I think it will be a real favorite.  One cool thing was that when I decided to re-knit it, I cut down the number of cast on stitches from 200 to 150.  Therefore, I was able to knit this scarf with one skein (plus a little tiny bit from the second for the bind off) so I still have a skein leftover to make something else!

It certainly feels like fall here.  I hope you are having a wonderful change of seasons, wherever you are!