Another Handmade Christmas


Chloe knitted this blanket for Scrabble with leftover yarns and no planning.  She just created squares and rectangles as she went along and sewed them together.  She tried out her first cables and decided she likes doing moss stitch!


One of Chloe's adorable embroidered owls.  She sells her ornaments in her Inky Paws shop.


Chloe carved me another Santa!  I love this one so much.  It's really tiny- less than 2" tall.  As you can see, Chloe is all about the detail.



Chloe made Ryan a new Ryan's Taco Truck story.  In addition to writing and illustrating the story, she made an audio version for his iPod.


Ryan made this sweet little pot for me.  It's such a treat to get something handmade from him since I know he isn't such a crafty guy.


Chloe made this octopus for herself in just a few days.  It's made with some leftover Noro Silk Garden.  She made up the pattern as she went along.  As you can probably guess, she doesn't like to follow patterns!  By the way, a squid is in the offing too.


More Silk Garden in the form of mitts.  Chloe asked me to make these so I designed them on the fly while we were on our trip.


The second Noro Silk Garden Stripes Scarf.  I gathered some leftover bits of Noro as we headed out the door and put this together on our trip.

147 - Copy 

Kitty Christmas made for my sister and her husband for Christmas.  It's hand quilted. 

149 - Copy 

And finally, just for Tonya.  Some beautiful Christmas chocolates seen in downtown Portland.