Dye Series Part 5- Single Colors & Cinnamon Buns

Fabric cinnamon rolls

On my second dye day I decided to be strict and make single dye colors.  I planned to be able to identify the different colors after washing and drying and make myself a color chart.  That didn't work out so well.  I can identify most of them, but not all.  Part of the problem is that I used different fabrics in each cup.  Oh well, there will be another day to try that again.  Above are the Dharma raw silk and Kona cotton.  This time I decided to try some folding shibori and see what I could get.  Each fabric was folded and twisted into the "cinnamon buns" you see above.

Single color dyeing

I did keep the colors and cups ordered so I could make sure I didn't duplicate colors.  I wish now that I could have marked the fabrics with the color names, but would have needed to do that before the presoak.


I did take photos of all the colors this way.  Color changes after drying, but you can get the general idea like this.  These are some of my new favorite colors.



Mmmm, I really, really love goldfinch!



Also pomegranate!

Pagoda red

Favorite new colors

Here are those colors after drying (all with Kona cotton).  Nice palette!

Fire red pleated shibori

This is what the cinnamon buns end up looking like.  Fun!  There's still more to come.  I'll be back soon.