What do you do at a conference?

A little of this and a little of that!  Today was nice because we got to meet up with Chloe's friend, Heidi, who she had first met at an HSC conference many years ago.  They have been pen pals ever since.  Chloe and Heidi had a great time together swimming, playing Luna Stix, and helping to sell Chloe's art fair crafts.  They also went to a workshop together.  Meanwhile Ryan played and swam for as long as he could. 

This conference seems different from past years.  Partly because this is Ryan's first year coming, partly due to several friends not being here this time.  I think there also seems to be fewer people in general and the content seems different.  I'm not sure if I'm jaded because I've come so many times, but there seems to be not as much wonderful stuff.  Even the vendor hall seems to not have as much.  Well, that was okay really because today was definitely the most relaxing conference day I've ever had here.  I actually sat by the pool for a couple of hours and have never done that before.  We have a couple more talks to go to tomorrow and then we'll be packing up to head out to the Bay area.