SOQS Fabric Postcards 2016

Well, it's that time of year again! The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show fabric postcard fundraiser, Wish Upon a Card, has its early deadline today.  I mailed mine in a few weeks ago and here they are.  The first two were created with the Michael Miller Challenge fabric (flower petals above), some leftover wool scraps and a bit of linen for the background.  

These postcards were started after a postcard class with Tonye Phillips last fall.  The last photo here shows the sample we made during class.  I was really inspired by the ones that Tonye did with wool, so when I came home I cut out all sorts of little wool pieces and made the backgrounds to get started.  But then, the holidays came and we traveled to Hawaii and came back and started looking for a new house.  In all the kerfuffle I put them away.  A month ago, I decided I better get going to I'd have something to submit.  These are all created on the thick Fast2Fuse which makes them stiff, but also makes them a little difficult for hand sewing.  On some I did more hand stitching than on others.  In the end, some had to be finished with machine stitching, just so they'd be done.  

I believe there's still time to send in postcards even though they won't be eligible for the challenge, but I don't see a later deadline on the website.  Contact the quilt show if you have any questions.