Let's Celebrate!

SOQS 2013 (8)

First of all, if you are new to my blog, welcome!  The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was incredible this year!  What a fantastic year to be the Featured Quilter.  The weather was picture perfect and my whole experience was incredible.  I talked to so many lovely people and heard many wonderful comments.  It was really one of the most fabulous days of my life.  To celebrate, make your way to the bottom of the post for a little announcement.

SOQS 2013 (98)

My quilts were hung at Ponderosa Properties, just near the Sisters Coffee Company which is always abuzz.  I had a lovely grassy area with quite a bit of shade for most of the day.

SOQS 2013 (62)

When people asked which was my favorite, I always said it is Ryan's quilt.  It was so funny, when Ryan was actually there he kept hearing his name.  He was also very shy about it.

SOQS 2013 (48)

The Lone Star, standing alone, but looking great!

SOQS 2013 (12)

SOQS 2013 (30)

SOQS 2013 (32)

SOQS 2013 (52)

I had several requests for commissions and had to explain why nothing was for sale. Although I had to politely turn them down, it's nice to be asked!

SOQS 2013 (19)

Several comments about the Obama quilt, only one negative comment though.  Someone asked if any president could be in the show!  Had to laugh at that one.  I also pointed out that my quilt was meant to be historical rather than political.

SOQS 2013 (20)

SOQS 2013 (22)

I got photos with lots of friends that made my day.

SOQS 2013 (41)

Jean Wells, founder of the SOQS.

SOQS 2013 (36)

My sister, Cheryl.  I'm so glad she could make it here for the show.

SOQS 2013 (70)

My mom, Carolyn.

SOQS 2013 (40)

My dad, Jim, and Bo.

SOQS 2013 (167)

Janelle, fellow Undercover Quilter.

SOQS 2013 (45)

Cathy and Pris, Mt Bachelor Quilters' Guild friends.

SOQS 2013 (62)

Jessica and her sweet daughter.

SOQS 2013 (71)

Marion, amazing wire sculptor and quilter.

SOQS 2013 (170)

Ryan and Mark

SOQS 2013 (181)

Laurence and Betty Dyer, owners of Ponderosa Properties.  Laurence makes these beautiful wooden jewelry boxes and he gave me one.  Such a special gift!

SOQS 2013 (187)

Tonye Phillips and Sue Spargo.  They did a beautiful job hanging my exhibit and they also took down!

SOQS 2013 (118)
Last, but not least, my dear friend, Sarah.  Sarah took hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos during quilt week.  I feel like I had my own personal paparazzi!  I'm so glad my mom got a photo of us!  

Celebration Time!

And now, to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to offer free domestic shipping on orders over $25 in my Etsy shop (use coupon code SOQS2013).  In addition to the mini quilts and ornaments, I have added the new Inspiration Packs, greeting cards and handspun skeins of yarn for embellishment.  The first 10 orders will also receive a special gift with their order.

I am heading out of town on Wednesday, so orders that come in before 8pm PDT Tuesday (tomorrow) will be shipped on Wednesday.  Orders coming in after that time will ship when I get back, the week of July 29.  

In addition to that, leave a comment on this post to be entered into a drawing for a bundle with a selection of goodies from my shop: hand dyed fabric, handspun yarn, greeting cards and maybe an ornament!  Last day to leave a comment is July 28.  I will choose a winner on the 29th.  The coupon code is only for US addresses, but for the drawing, I will ship anywhere!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and to those who are just learning about my work.  Thanks to Ann Richardson and all the volunteers who make such a great show every year.  It was truly a dream come true!

**  Photos in this post were taken by me, my mom and Mark.**


Thank you everyone!  The comments are now closed.  I'll be choosing a winner later tonight.