MBQG Quilt Show:: Next Generation


One of the great exhibits in our show is the Next Generation display, featuring quilts from younger members of the community.  This year we had a lot of entrants including my son and his two friends.  We got together one day a couple of weeks ago to get their quilts started and I offered some of my hand dyes to work with.  


Peter's quilt, "Tree House", was completely done by him.  He used fusible applique and did all the machine stitching.


Sam's quilt, "Thread Homestead", was also done completely by him.  I showed him how to do the curved piecing in the background and he add the fusible applique and did hand stitched quilting.


My son, Ryan, designed this quilt called " Stunt Truck".  He drew out the design and I helped with cutting, fusing and sewing.  Some of you may recall that my son is mentally disabled, so it was a bit of a challenge for him.  he did a great design though and is very proud of his work.


Sam and Peter show off their wonderful art quilts.  These brothers have been in 4H sewing for the past year and their skills are certainly coming along.  They are already planning something for next year!


Ryan and I with his truck quilt.


Another proud young quilter is Kendra, daughter of one our guild members and quilt shop owners.  She's been around quilting all her life and did this one three years ago when she was 15!  More photos of the show tomorrow!