Goodies in the Mail

I've gotten a few goodies in the mail lately, plus something I picked up in person.  My bookshelf is groaning a bit more nowadays with the addition of these treasures.  I finally ordered Jane's book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity, from Amazon UK because all the reviews about it were so amazing.  I just love it so far, though I'm only part way through.  It's one that you can pick up for just a moment and savor over a cup of tea.  Lovely!

I ordered the Selbuvotter book after an ongoing discussion with Jan about her gorgeous Latvian mittens.  I am also working on some stranded mittens and was glad for Jan's experience in this matter.  The Selbuvotter book is really well done and has some gorgeous patterns.

I had a pre-order for Kristin Knits going for a while- how could I not get that one!  I am a fan of Kristin Nicholas' blog, Getting Stitched on the Farm, and knew when this book was mentioned that I'd be getting it too.  The patterns and discussions about color are really glorious.  Kristin even signed it for me!  When we were in Portland I also picked up Colorful Stitchery and have found it to be quite inspiring too.

Last, but not least, is this pretty little pouch by Glittergoods.  I'm not sure how I came across her blog, but I did and found that she has some lovely items in her Etsy shop.  I ordered this to keep in my purse for all the little things that roll around.  She also sold some nice hand dyed twill tape that I got in my favorite chartreuse color.  I'm a happy camper and now I have plenty of reading material for a while! 

I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.  Today we are getting the house ready for Christmas.   The elves are busy setting out the Christmas lights!