Manos Four Seasons Blanket


Four years and it's finally done!  I haven't even mentioned this one here much, but this blanket is my new favorite snuggle.  This is the Four Seasons Blanket pattern from Design Source.  It's made with 13 different skeins of Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica.


There are 12 blocks with a different stitch pattern in each.  I messed up the pattern in the very first block and that was what kept it in hibernation for so long.  I had all the blocks done for a while, but that first one was really bugging me.  I finally decided to rip it and since the blocks are knit together in 3 strips, I had to keep the stitches for the next block live.  I then reknit that block choosing this deep green instead of the chartreuse I had earlier and had to graft it to the next block. 


In April when I was sick with the flu I didn't leave the house for a week and had a glorious amount of time for crafting.  I blocked this and seamed it and put on this nifty crochet edging.  I love those little loops.  I'm seriously on the lookout for another project that will benefit from a loopy crochet edging!


I'm terribly pleased with this project and wishing it hadn't taken me so long to just get it done!