Happy Halloween!


It turned out to be a decent day after all.  The weather was nice enough to go to the park for our homeschool group Halloween costume party.  Chloe and her friends went with the Christmas theme.  She was very popular all around town with her Santa costume.  Ryan is Indian Jones today. 


Father 025 

Father 038 

Father 034 

How do you like those felted elf slippers made by my friend Sarah?  They were actually still wet from being felted last night!

Father 037 

Father 048 

Some of us went out to lunch where the kids got to make their own pizzas.

Father 064

It's been a fun day, but the fun isn't over.  Chloe is out trick or treating with her friends tonight and I'm about to take Ryan to his friends for the evening.  I hope you're having a very fun Halloween too!