Today dawned bright and sunny in beautiful Albuquerque.  We spent the morning at Tinkertown up in the mountains above the city.  It was such a gorgeous day and it's a nice drive.  Tinkertown was built over many years by Ross Ward, an artist who also worked as a show painter for carnivals for 30 years.  This place is amazing!  It's full of Ross's hand carved figures and little towns, Americana collections, signs of all kinds and anything else he could think of.  There are bottle walls all over the place and metal creations such as this one:

Many of the carved vignettes involve parts that move such as this little band.

I really agree with this quote and it's one reason we're on this trip!  My parents made sure we saw the country as children and I want to do the same for mine.

This is just one small example of the detail Ross put into each area of the town.  Again, there are moving figures.

There are lots of these old carnival machines, so it's wise to bring plenty of quarters when visiting.

This boat sailed around the world for 10 years before landing here at Tinkertown.

More food for thought...