Where has all the knitting gone?


What's that about knitting?  I figure all the knitters out there who used to read my blog gave up in disgust ages ago, but I have actually been knitting.  Where I fall down is always with the finishing.  I've got a whole basket of stuff that needs ends woven and/or a few seams.  However, there are a few finished objects I can show you. 

The hat above is another incarnation of the Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch Hat.  I love this pattern, which is great for using up leftovers, because you start at the top without regard to gauge, knit until you get the crown big enough, then knit the sides.  I also like the super simple, but cool looking rib pattern which is just a repeat of: round 1- knit, round 2- k1, p1.  This one is made from a variegated Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted and Mission Falls 1824 wool.  I've been experimenting with magic loop and did this hat completely on a 40" size 6 addi turbo.


These mitts are a pattern in the book, Kristin Knits.  I love the use of color in this book and it was great to make these with leftovers from my crochet ripple blanket (which, by the way, is another one of those UFO's).  These are a birthday gift for my neice.


Like I said above, I've been experimenting with magic loop and also with knitting two at a time on said loop.  I borrowed the book, 2 at a Time Socks, from a friend and gave these sample socks a try.  I really enjoyed the method this time as opposed to my first experience several years ago.  However, I have to caution that the book is full of errors, including the most grevious error of mistakes within the technique section.  If you have the book get the errata online or you'll drive yourself crazy.  These socks are made with more leftover Mission Falls 1824 wool and they are nice and thick and cozy.  They are, however, sized for a toddler so I need to find one of those.


Lastly, I made another version of Wendy's fingerless mitts just because.  Just because my hands get awfully cold in the winter when I'm on the computer for a while.  This is leftover Mountain Colors 4/8's wool, another of my favorites.  I'm using up the leftovers like nobody's business. 

I'm still having computer problems and my hubby hasn't worked it out yet.  Next week I'll be gone to the Oregon coast to have some time out with other unschooling friends.  So, while I may post a time or two before then, I'll be away for a little bit.  It's starting to feel like fall here.  The days are still warm, but you can feel the crispness in the air.  I love fall, so this is my favorite time of the year.  Hope you're having a good one!